The Science of Skin


Skin is remarkable

Skin not only protects us but provides valuable functions to every man, woman and child.  So remarkable is skin that SWITCHBIOTECH® is committed to make it part of our science.

Knowledge and expertise

SWITCHBIOTECH uses its broad knowledge and expertise of the molecular biology of the skin to develop drugs for various skin disorders.

By using proprietary technology we can rapidly profile potential new and re-profile existing compounds for possible treatments for a variety of diseases.

Therapeutic areas of interest include --

Psoriasis, Atopic Dermatitis, Vitiligo, Androgenic Alopecia and other non-dermatologic areas.


Use of functional genomics

By using functional genomics, SWITCHBIOTECH's goal is to identify key targets involved in skin diseases. 

We have gained comprehensive knowledge about the molecular biology of skin and have developed novel approaches to the development of new drugs by validating targets, assays and compounds.

The result of this platform in total is the ability to develop and discover "mechanism-based" therapeutics that can treat a variety of dermatological diseases and other indications.

Unique discovery platform

SWITCHBIOTECH's proprietary technology is unique to the dermatology industry.

We have the ability to utilize computer based programs to reduce the traditional drug discovery process to a fraction of its time through rapid identification of chemical compounds.


A leader in biotech research

SWITCHBIOTECH is leading the way as a leader of biotech companies to specialize in dermatological related areas.

We have developed one of the largest pools of knowledge and expertise concerning the molecular biology of the skin which in the future could treat various skin diseases.


Leader In Research